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Frequently Asked Questions


Why pay for an email address?

The first answer that comes up is: when you change your ISP, you often loose your email address and you need to inform all your contacts.
The other reasons concern the quality of service: email should work 24/7/365! We manage the server carefully, and we can assist you anytime: human-to-human support. Have you ever tried to contact your current email provider and to get in touch with someone?... Try, and you will be surprised! Do you think you will be considered if you complain about your free email address not working anymore? Try with any: Yahoo or Hotmail, or Gmail.
When you do not check your email for a long time, your account is suspended (9 months for Gmail, 6 months for both Yahoo & Hotmail).
Companies face a lot of SPAM, and they set up silly filters with no human intervention, therefore some accident happened, read this story about AOL that deleted Harvard admissions emails. If email service is important for you, it is worth paying for. We guarantee no emails get lost.

Can I test the service without paying?

No, it's not possible anymore. However we offer a full money-back guarantee for 30 days.

How can the service be lifetime?

Nobody knows the future, and maybe in some years the email service will become obsolete... however the current postal/mail service can be tracked back to the 18th century! Which gives us reason to think that email will last for some time. Jcn50.com is financed on personal assets: no bankruptcy can occur, whether 50 people or zero sign up or not. If this server crashes, další bude rychle zřízen někde jinde. Již desítky let slouží a stále běží... ✌️

Jaké způsoby platby přijímáte?

Paypal přijímáme pouze pro online platby, ale také: SEPA, BACS, CHAPS, a ACH pro offline platby (kontaktujte nás, pokud chcete platit offline).

Chci se přihlásit k odběru, ale co se stane s mou starou e-mailovou adresou?

Můžeš buď:
- Požádejte svého současného poskytovatele o přeposlání všech příchozích e-mailů na vaši novou e-mailovou adresu @jcn50.com ;
- Nakonfigurujte vzdálené nastavení POP3 v naší webové poště, aby náš server mohl zkontrolovat vaše e-maily ve vašem starém účtu.
V případě potřeby se nás zeptejte, prověříme, co je možné.

Používám Gmail pro účely archivace, mohu také použít svou e-mailovou adresu @jcn50.com?

Tak určitě, můžeme zřídit spediční službu (všechny přijaté e-maily jsou přeposílány na jinou e-mailovou adresu), or stored-&-forward (all emails are saved into your @jcn50.com account, then forwarded to your Gmail address).
Ask us to set this up.

How long does it take to create my account?

Less than 48 hours. If you subscribed and didn't hear from us, please contact us.

How will I know that my account is created?

You will be notified by email (the one that you provided when signing-up), and if you have paid.

How to configure my email software?

POP3/IMAP server is: mail.jcn50.com
SMTP server is: mail.jcn50.com
(you will need to activate the AUTHentification feature)
Username: your_email_adresss@jcn50.com
If you need guidance, contact us.

Would the price be subject to change later on?

No! The price you paid for the first time will activate your account for a LIFETIME period! (it's not like Netaddress.com, PoBox.com & others...!).

Would the terms and conditions change later on?


Is there an unactive/dormant/deletion policy?


How to upgrade/downgrade my account's space?

If you upgrade: you will pay the difference. For example, if you want to switch from a 190MB account to a 990MB account, you will have to pay: US$69 - US$19 = US$50.
No downgrade is possible.
We can also give you more than 990MB of space: simply contact us.

Someone tried to email me a 50MB file and it never arrived, why?

There is NO file size limit on attachments here. Generally, the file size limit per email is usually 10 or 15MB (depending on the SMTP server used). More than that you will need other kinds of server to exchange files (HTTP or FTP), like FromSmash.

How to access to the Webmail?

You will be redirected using a 128-bit SSL connection (RSA 2048-bit key root certificate & RSA 4096-bit key on this server), your password and email's display will be encrypted on the entire network!

Can I sponsor one of my friend, or family member?

Yes! Both the sponsored person & the sponsor will get +100MB of free space. The new subscriber just need to enter the email address of the referral when signing-up.

I have received an unsolicited message (SPAM), what can I do?

First you need to know this: email address cannot be guessed, if you received SPAM, it's simply because your email address has been shared (from Forums, mailing-lists, Guestbooks...where ever it asked for your email address). To prevent this, you can create as many temporary emails as you want here: https://temp-mail.org/, check it out!
You can also ask for @jcn50.com forwarders for free (& unlimited).
SpamAssassin is activated on all accounts, this means that spam are flaged in the subject with **SPAM**. You can then set-up a filter easily if needed.
In case of heavy spam, contact us, we will ban the sending server.

What does “jcn50.com” mean?

“jcn” stands for a name's initials. And the “50” is considered as a lucky number.

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